Leisurely Bike Rides in Philly
Second Tuesdays @ 6:30pm
Helmets Required

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Here is our 2015 Schedule. Destinations will be updated as we have them!
Our Ladies Only rides are in conjunction with Women Bike PHL and are open to all woman-identified folks.

Tuesday 4/14 - Anyone & Everyone
Tuesday 5/12 - Ladies Only
Tuesday 6/9 - Anyone & Everyone
Tuesday 7/14 - Ladies Only
Tuesday 8/11 - Anyone & Everyone
Tuesday 9/8 - Ladies Only
Tuesday 10/13 - Anyone & Everyone

Who are these rides for?
Everybody! If you like the idea of going on a slow-paced bicycle ride with a group of people, you should come on down.

Where do we go?
The rides all start at the NW corner of Rittenhouse Square, across from the church. (map) We try to have a different route every time, and we involve as many bike paths or bike lanes as possible. Suggestions for routes are welcomed.

My bike sucks. Will I be able to keep up?
Yes! We're not planning on going fast, and these rides are open to anyone, so bring out those rusty Huffy 3 Speeds.

I don't have a bike, but I want to go!
You can rent a bike from Fairmount Bicycles for FREE! (credit card and ID required for deposit - please email info@fairmountbicycles.com to reserve!)

It's raining/snowing/really freakin cold. Are we still gonna go for a ride?
Probably not.

Why take your time? When I'm on a bike, I want to prove I'm faster than everybody.
These rides probably aren't for you, then!



Pictures from past rides:

april june july
Japanese Gardens April '13 Ladies Only Ride June '13 Manayunk Brewery July '13

2013 Rides:
Tuesday 4/30 - Anyone & everyone - Japanese Gardens / London Grill
Saturday 5/18 - Anyone & everyone - Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby 
Tuesday 6/4 - Ladies Only - Dock Street Brewery in West Philly
Tuesday 7/9 - Anyone & everyone - Manayunk Brewery
Tuesday 8/6 - Ladies Only - South Philly / Sidecar Restaurant
Tuesday 9/10 - Anyone & everyone - In Riva along Kelly Drive
Tuesday 10/8 - Ladies Only - Fishtown / Memphis Tap Room
Saturday 11/2 - Anyone & everyone - Shop Crawl!

2014 Rides:
Tuesday 4/8 - Anyone & Everyone - West Philly / Dock Street
Tuesday 5/13 - Ladies Only - Frankford Hall
Saturday 5/17 - Anyone & Everyone - Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby
Tuesday 6/17 - Anyone & Everyone - Cantina in South Philly
Sunday 7/13 - 6pm - Special Ride to Invisible River!
Tuesday 7/15 - Ladies Only - Ride to PHS Pop Up Garden
Tuesday 8/12 - Anyone & Everyone - In Riva
Tuesday 9/9 - Ladies Only - Cedar Point
Tuesday 10/14 - Anyone & Everyone - Washington Ave Green & Nodding Head